Carl Dean Wilson 1946-1998

"The world has lost a beautiful voice and one of the most spiritual people Ive ever known. It goes without saying we are all going to miss him very much. I could not have made the music I did in my life without Carl by my side. I cant believe that Im never going to get to sing with him again. He was tremendously supportive of my efforts. In honor of his memory, Im dedicating my future music to my brother Carl."
- Brian Wilson


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    A publicity photo of Brian from Giant Records. 

    Mr Love and Mr Johnston posing for the camera. 

    Al Jardine with family and friends. 






    - Brian Wilson was to follow his summer tour with Paul Simon with a few performances in Japan this fall, but unfortunately had to cancel due to the tragic events on September 11. Good news is that Brian and his band are booked for three nights at the Royal Festival Hall in London on January 28-30. Surf to Brian's site for further information, and don't forget to check out his great message board!

    - In recent interviews Brian has revealed that he plans to record and produce a rock'n'roll album of new material in the fall. "Just songs with a good beat, a nice happy beat, and just a physical rock 'n' roll trip", Brian said in an interview for the Toronto Sun. In another interview, conducted by journalist Tim Perlich last year, he tells more about the project: "I've got one song called "How Could We Still Be Dancin'?" and two more in the works. Hopefully, I'll have some others done by November. We're going to try and emulate the sound of Phil Spector's records. I really like the echo, the drums, the piano, the guitars and the whole 'wall of sound'". In the recent AOL chat he said that the album tentatively is titled "Proud Mary", and will feature the Wilson/Paley collaboration "Desert Drive"

    - Mike Love and Bruce Johnston are still touring as "The Beach Boys". Although they largely favour the early surf/car hits, there have been a few surprising changes in their setlists lately - a concertgoer might get to hear one or two rare gems like "Heroes And Villains" being performed among the more crowdpleasing songs.
    Check the California Saga site for information on tour dates.
    Click here to see some pictures from a recent performance in Malmo, Sweden. (Thanks to Niklas Nilsson).

    - Former Beach Boy Al Jardine is reportedly giving impressive performances with his Al Jardine Family and Friends Beach Band, which among others includes Brian Wilson's daughters, Carnie and Wendy, Al's sons, Matt and Adam, and former members of the touring Beach Boys. The band performs well known Beach Boys hits with a fresh approach, but also, to the delight of many long time fans, great obscure songs like "You Still Believe In Me" and "Looking At Tomorrow".
    Visit Al Jardine's site for facts about the band and information on tour dates.


    - November 5 marks the DVD and VHS release of "An All-Star Tribute To Brian Wilson", a concert recorded an evening in March this year on the Great Stage at New York's Radio City Music Hall. Among the stars paying tribute to Brian Wilson and his music were Ricky Martin, Elton John, Paul Simon and The Go-Gos. Wilson himself performed several of his classic songs.
    The DVD is presented in DTS, Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Dolby Digital stereo. DVD extras include a bonus track, "Do It Again" performed by Brian Wilson, interviews and a photo gallery.
    here to see the back of the DVD sleeve and here to read the press release.

    The "An All-Star Tribute To Brian Wilson" contest is over! The three winners have been notified by e-mail. CONTEST PAGE

    - "Live At The Roxy" is a new, wonderful live album from Brian Wilson. The 2-CD-set features great performances of old favourites like "Darlin'", "Please Let Me Wonder" and "Good Vibrations, but also two new compositions, "The Right Time" and the Wilson/Asher collaboration "This Isn't Love".
    Hear some of the tracks in real audio and buy it at

    - Hawthorne, CA - Birthplace of a Musical Legacy, a 2 CD-set containing previously unreleased songs and alternate takes from the 1960s, is the latest release from The Beach Boys. This is an album for the hardcore fans. Highlights include the never before heard Brian Wilson composition "Lonely Days" and the haunting Dennis Wilson track "A Time To Live In Dreams".
    Go to and read more about it.

    - "Live In Las Vegas", the brand new live album from Al Jardine Family And Friends, is now available for purchase at Al Jardine's site. The CD includes live performances of well known classics like "I Get Around" and "Good Vibrations as well as rarely performed tracks such as "Girl Don't Tell Me" and "Wild Honey". The last track is a new studio recording, "California Energy Blues".

    - Philip Bardowell has left the touring "Beach Boys" band to pursue a solo career. Surf to Philip Bardowell's homepage for information on his new album "In A Perfect World".    

    Recommended Beach Boys albums

    All of the 1960s albums!
    Sunflower (1970) * * * *
    Surf´s Up (1971) * * * *
    Disney Girls
    A Day In The Life Of A Tree
    Holland (1972) * * * *
    15 Big Ones (1976) * * * *
    Love You (1977) * * * *

    The Beach Boys while recording "Stars And Stripes" in 1996.

    Recommended Brian Wilson albums

    Brian Wilson (1988) * * * *
    I Just Wasn´t Made For These Times (1995) * * * *
    Love And Mercy
    The Warmth Of The Sun
    Imagination (1998) * * * *
    She Says That She Needs Me

    Live At The Roxy (2000) * * * *


    Real Audio Files

    Almost Summer
    Written by B. Wilson/Love/Jardine and performed by Mike Love's band Celebration for the soundtrack of the 1978 movie "Almost Summer".

    This song was released on a blue flexi disc to promote the "California Dream" Barbie.

    Carry Me Home
    A great unreleased Dennis Wilson ballad.

    Christmas Time
    A nice unreleased christmas song by Brian from the Gary Usher sessions.

    Concert Tonight
    Long version of a great song from Brian's unreleased "Sweet Insanity" album.

    From the "Almost Summer" soundtrack. Written by Mike Love and performed by Celebration.

    I Do (Do You Have Any Regrets)
    An unreleased song from the "Sweet Insanity" album.

    Just Say No
    An anti-drug song from the Usher sessions.

    Let's Go To Heaven In My Car
    The A-side of the 1987 Brian Wilson single.

    That Special Feeling
    Unreleased Brian Wilson demo of song intended for the "Love You" album.

    Too Much Sugar
    The B-side of "Let's Go To Heaven In My Car".



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    Visit Big Bamboo and listen to Selwyn Schneider's great tribute song to Brian!

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